IFOAM Training on Organic Agriculture

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement IFOAM Organics International with the support of APD in North Kazakhstan University named after Manash Kozybaev held a training in September 18-22, 2023.

During the week, experts in the field of agroecology and sustainable rural development, consulting and analysts Patricia Flores, David Yavruyan, Vladislav Zhmaylo conducted classes on organic farming and animal husbandry. They shared their experience and knowledge on the trends of transition to organic production. They considered the main problems of organic agriculture, markets and value chains. They analyzed the policy of Kazakhstani organic agriculture and studied the world experience of regulation in this area.

The listeners were representatives of agribusiness of North Kazakhstan region, teachers of agricultural universities, marketing specialists, specialists of the National Center of Expertise, research institutes, as well as faculty and master’s students of North Kazakhstan University.Along with lectures, group work was conducted curricula /courses on the Organic farming at the university were developed. There was also a field trip to agro-enterprises of North-Kazakhstan region, which are engaged in the production of organic agricultural products.

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